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2nd Annual Katy-Bug Angel Day  / Daddy   Read >>
2nd Annual Katy-Bug Angel Day  / Daddy

Well, it has been two whole years since Katy went home to be with the Father. It is difficult to imagine it has been that long and at times it seems ten times that. A lot has happened in that time and a lot of people have come forward to help us in many, many different ways. There has been a lot of prayer, friendship, and love. We have had two Bug Bashes, given out scholarships, done community talks and displays and had a good time with a lot of great people ( We’ve even added a little brother, Adam, to the family! ( Watch over us Bug as we continue to try to do what is right and good and serve this community in what ever capacity we are able. Thank you God for all you have done for us and the blessings we have received. We will continue to follow the path You have set out for us. For those angels on Earth who are part of this entire progression that our family and foundation have seen, you are thought of and appreciated. We hope you will forgive us as we continue to get things in order. With all that has been going on, proper “Thank yous” and follow-ups have not been timely. We appreciate your understanding and promise to improve. Thanks, again, to all who have held us up to this point.

Happy Birthday!  / MemeKathy (Kamdyn's Meme )  Read >>
Happy Birthday!  / MemeKathy (Kamdyn's Meme )
Love the website  / Denise Swoboda   Read >>
Love the website  / Denise Swoboda

Troy and family,

First let me say thanks for coming to CareNet and speaking to our parents about safty issues, they all really enjoyed you and the things you spoke about. One can only pray that they will do everything they can to prevent tragedy. Thanks again. I have scrolled through Katy web page and what a angel baby. Thanks for sharing her with us. God Bless you and your family.

Precious Katy Bug  / Mom Of Angel Michael Grayson (Angel Friend )  Read >>
Precious Katy Bug  / Mom Of Angel Michael Grayson (Angel Friend )

some of the pics from the webpage  / Kathy Hale (Kamdyn's Meme )  Read >>
some of the pics from the webpage  / Kathy Hale (Kamdyn's Meme )
Thinking of you  / Kathy Hale (Kamdyn's Meme )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Kathy Hale (Kamdyn's Meme )

for you Beffie  / Kathy Hale (Kamdyn's Meme )  Read >>
for you Beffie  / Kathy Hale (Kamdyn's Meme )
I want to start out by telling you Beffie you did a wonderful job on your tribute that you just left for your baby sister.  It's good to know that my Kamdyn has such a wonderful angel at his side.

I have a special website for you and your family to go to.  It was set up just for Katy.  To let you all know she has touched so many other peoples hearts all over the country.

Thinking of you and your family,
Kamdyn's Meme
Kathy Close
Wake us up when September ends...  / Beffie ("other" sister )  Read >>
Wake us up when September ends...  / Beffie ("other" sister )

    As September begins, it is no longer just another month for us, but the worst month, a time we will now dread forever. Oh little bug, I miss you so much. My heart seems to break more every day, when it should be healing. I hurt even more when I see the pure sadness in your mommy's eyes. Your Daddy tries so hard to comfort her, but he's hurting too. Lyvie seems completely lost without you and Maddie does everything she can to keep your memory alive for all. I'm so scared, Bug, that your memory will fade from your sisters' minds and I promise I will do whatever I can to keep that from happening. 
       Everyday I close my eyes to just remember you- your bright blue eys, infectious giggle, blue duck dresses, how soft and chubby your cheeks were, your multi-colored hair up in that fragglespout, how you loved your family, and most importantly the sound of you saying my name, "Beffie". Little one we always loved you but I don't think we realized that you were the essential piece of this puzzle we call our lives and once we lost you it was no longer whole and neither were we.  
       But, we are so lucky Bug, that we know where you are, who you are with, and that you fly with us everyday. I can't imagine believing anything else. We are so lucky that you have angel friends like Kamdyn & Justin and have our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles taking care of you.  Most importantly, Katy, we are so lucky that we get to see you again.
      Until that day, we will always be homesick for you, cry for you, miss you, remember you, and love you with all that we have and all that we are. Never leave our sides Katy, we all need you every second of every day and I promise you will always live on in us.

                           I love you more than the world!
Ladybug's Love  / Maddie (bugs sis )  Read >>
Ladybug's Love  / Maddie (bugs sis )

At a special place
Down they fly over China's eye
You see the bugs and take them in
Because you will see her again
U love them and treat them like angels
Gotta let them go but you'll see them again
Say goodbye as they go

adybugs in the wind
O how you miss their love
Very cute how they fly
Every one knows its hard to say goodbye but I know its okay to cry.

--by Madelyn Church-- Close
Happy belated birthday!  / Kathy (Kamdyn's Meme )  Read >>
Happy belated birthday!  / Kathy (Kamdyn's Meme )
Sorry little on that it's late.  I've been busy with our new little one.  It's hard!  I want you to know that you are a special little girl.  Happy late Birthday!  Close
In My Thoughts...  / Misty (mommy To Angel Faith DeFord) (Angel Wing Parent )  Read >>
In My Thoughts...  / Misty (mommy To Angel Faith DeFord) (Angel Wing Parent )
Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you little angel and your family! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

7 Months - My how time moves on.  / Daddy   Read >>
7 Months - My how time moves on.  / Daddy
Hey, my sweetie pie!!  It's hard to believe that it has been 7 months already.  God really has been working in our lives.  Today, being 7 months since you died, it was fitting that our Bible Study class asked all the members to write something on how we would tell someone of the hope that we have in Christ.  Boy, there wasn't a dry eye in the place.  Mom started off and then I drove it home.  It's funny that we have been put in this role.  Well, God knows what he is doing.  Thank you for being here.  I love you so much.  I am still waiting for that dream where I get to spend a little time with you.  Yes, I am very jealous -- Lol.  Well, I'm going to go now.  Look forward to seeing you.

Daddy Close
Happy Easter Katy Bug!!!!!!  / Beffie (biggest sister )  Read >>
Happy Easter Katy Bug!!!!!!  / Beffie (biggest sister )
Hello my littlest sister! Happy Easter to you! I'm sure you and Kamdyn are having fun hunting for all those easter eggs in the clouds. I was looking for you too up there today...its beautiful outside..there were butterflies everywhere. Bug Winks are always the best. I miss you more everyday but I feel you more as well. You are forever etched in every part of me. I love you sooo much Katy Bug!! Here is a poem from all of your sisters :-)

Dear Mr Easter Bunny,
I just had to write today...
To see if you stop in Heaven...
As you hop along your way?

You see...a part of me is up there...
That I miss with all my heart...
You sister lost her battle...
With an accident that tore our lives apart.

So, I wanted to know if you go there???
And if I could ask a favor of you?
Can you take her a basket to heaven?
Filled with colored eggs and bunnies too?

And could you please add a green egg for me?
Mom says green means new life and rest,
For my sister is now resting in heaven...
No more pain and no more stress.

And could you also add an orange egg for me?
Orange for the color of a candles flame,
For my sisters little light will always shine...
Although our lives will never be the same.

And could you add an egg so blue?
For blue is the color of a cloudless sky,
And when I see the butterflies flying over me...
I know its a sign...from her way up high.

And we cant forget a yellow egg too...
For yellow is the color of the rising sun,
And my sisters love will shine down on me...
For all my days and nights to come.

And we also need a rainbow colored egg...
For the rainbow way up high in the sky,
For Mom says she will always live within me...
And her spirit will never die

And last but not least a red egg if you could?
For we all know red means the color of love,
And I love my sister oh so much...
Please send my love to her above.

Thank you Mr Easter Bunny...
I really appreciate your time today...
And I will say a prayer for you too...
As you hop to Heaven for me on Easter day.

When you take her basket up to the Heavens...
Can you please whisper in her ear?
And wish her the happiest Easter From me...
For I miss her more with each passing year.

Happy Easter!!  / Daddy   Read >>
Happy Easter!!  / Daddy
Hey, Katy-bug!!  I think of you ALL the time!!  I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.  Things are going fairly well, of couse, you know that.  So many things are happening.  Our faith grows more and more everyday.  We are growing so much closer to each other and to God.  You have done so much for us.  I can't wait to see you again, give you a great bug hug, and tell you face to face how much I love you.

Daddy Close
Happy Easter Bug! Give Kamdyn a big kiss for me and a hug toooo!  / Kathy (Kamdyn's Meme )  Read >>
Happy Easter Bug! Give Kamdyn a big kiss for me and a hug toooo!  / Kathy (Kamdyn's Meme )

Happy First Easter in Heaven Katy!  / Mommy   Read >>
Happy First Easter in Heaven Katy!  / Mommy

Some-bunny is missing you.  That some-bunny is ME!!! Happy Easter Katy. I hope your basket is filled with eggs in all the colors of the rainbow...especially the red ones that remind you how much we LOVE you!!!  
     Bug Hugs and misses!!! xx00xx

Missing my little angel... (March 16th, 2007)  / Mommy   Read >>
Missing my little angel... (March 16th, 2007)  / Mommy

Good morning my little angel...
     Yesterday started out terribly.  Any little thing would send me into a complete meltdown.  It was one of those days that I really didn't want to get out of bed, but I made myself.  And... I made it through the whole day at work.  I put your picture on my wall behind my desk again.  It makes it so much easier to deal with the things my 5th graders throw at me (thank heavens, not literally "throw") when I know you're watching over me.  It's like you're saying...  "It's okay, Mom.  We can handle this. You can do it."  
     God has been sending me his winks a lot these past two days.  I spoke with a neighbor of ours who is going to let me help her out with her wildlife facility.  I need to outdoors again.  I feel so much closer to God  (and you) when I am surrounded by nature.  One of the most peaceful days I've had was when we all spent the day at the cemetery raking leaves, trimming trees, and brushing off headstones.  You would've been so proud of your sisters.  They worked right alongside of us.  Lyvie even picked her own flowers to leave for you.  I've never seen that many butterflies at the cemetery since we released them at your service.  
     Right after I got off the phone, there was an email from someone I have not met saying that she felt God telling her to pray for us.  She had no idea what a difficult week we were having.  Our God is just totally awesome!!!  
     That evening we went to choir practice.  I love to sing with the choir, but sometimes can't get past the words.  Needless to the middle of "How Great Thou Art" I was sobbing.  When we sing of angels and heaven and Jesus's love... I can't control the tears.  It's when it really hits me that you ARE home.  And, I can't wait until you're there welcoming me home.  I have visions of what heaven must be like for you.  It must be a beautiful place.  I remember you telling me just the other night in my dreams, as you played with my KatyBug necklace, that you see Jesus.  
     This morning, I woke up feeling much better.  I wasn't quite sure why.  Then, I realized the dream I'd just had.  Papa came to visit.  I'd always known that Papa loves all you girls because for years he has been in my dreams, reading stories as you curled up in his lap.  Last night was not too different, other than the fact that you led him in by his right hand. (Nana asked me which hand you were holding, but until I just typed it I didn't think I'd noticed.  How remarkable!  Papa lost his right arm when he was a teenager!)  It was a wonderful dream, short in length but long-lasting in my heart. I sit... waiting for my students.  Bug, sometimes the pain is just unbearable.  But, as the song said this morning...  "I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see. Because this broken road, prepares Your will for me."  (Amazing how it is the same scripture I quoted when I spoke at your memorial service.)  God has blessed the broken road we all travel in hopes that it will lead us all to Him...  For me, I am thankful for the opportunities He has given me to share His awesome love and know that this broken road will lead me home to not only Him,!!!  I love you bushels and pecks and hugs around the neck.  (I'm sure your Papa is singing it to you!!!)  See you in my dreams... and everywhere I turn little angel of mine. 

Hugs and misses,


Special / Kathy Hale (Meme to Kamdyn Caton )  Read >>
Special / Kathy Hale (Meme to Kamdyn Caton )
A little lady bud and a wildflower.  The week before Kamdyn went to heaven him and his papa picked a bunch of wildflowers, he walked up to me after walking to the pond with his papa and handed me the boquet of wildflowers and said, " Meme" It brought tears to my eyes then and tears to my eyes now.  And then tonight I ran across this picture of the wildflower and the ladybug and it brings tears to my eyes again.  It's a true sign that both of our angels are together in heaven.  I just want your family to know that I didn't even know your little angel but I want you to know I feel your pain.  I feel like I knew this little sweet heart.  Everytime I am out and see a ladybug in the store I always think of your Katy.  She has left impressions on a complete stranger.  My heart aches for you and your family.  Thinking of you, Kathy Close
Just another birthday wish!  / Kathy Hale (Meme to Kamdyn Caton )  Read >>
Just another birthday wish!  / Kathy Hale (Meme to Kamdyn Caton )
Happy Late Birthday Katy Bug!  / Kathy Hale (Meme to Angel Kamdyn Caton )  Read >>
Happy Late Birthday Katy Bug!  / Kathy Hale (Meme to Angel Kamdyn Caton )

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